About The Book

Reality Millionaire Book CoverReality Millionaire® is one game of life you don’t want to miss. Created to be the most fun you ever had working with money, readers are taken through a step-by-step, nine-round journey to riches in a game-show-like experience.  The book shows the reader how anyone can become a real-life millionaire by learning and applying just nine simple steps.

Reality Millionaire® is a simple and fun guide to real-life money management that is truly unlike any other financial help book on the market.  With no tricks, gimmicks, pyramid schemes, or MLMs, Reality Millionaire® helps average-income readers turn any income into a healthy fortune.  In layman’s terms it covers the Financial 101 that none of us got in school:  investments, IRAs, 401ks, brokerage accounts, financial advisors, credit scores, credit card interest, mutual finds, portfolio management, and so much more.  It takes this knowledge and shows readers how to apply it in their day-to-day lives to earn the “big bucks” and achieve the American dream.

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